RAND Income and Wealth Imputation File

The RAND Income and Wealth Imputation File contains the component and ownership variables that were used in RAND HRS income and wealth summary measures. This single file includes the income and wealth imputations for all HRS waves and is distributed as a companion file to the RAND HRS file.

The method used to develop these imputations is described in the Introduction section of the RAND Income and Wealth Imputation codebook. Each original income and wealth component is imputed separately. The original components can vary from wave to wave and are combined when appropriate into the main components of income and wealth to provide consistent categories. The main component and total variables are the same as those included on the RAND HRS file.

To access the data:

  • You must first register with HRS, if you haven't already. Registration is free. You will receive a password from HRS within 24 hours, usually much sooner. When you receive your password, you can return here to continue.
  • If you've already registered, login to the HRS Public File Download System.
  • Once you have logged in, follow the "Datasets and Files" link.

For more detailed information, please see the RAND Income and Wealth Imputation Codebook (v.P) (PDF).

For more information, questions or comments please see our FAQ or email us at RANDHRSHelp@rand.org.

Before doing so, however, we kindly request that users first consult the documentation that accompanies our data products, as we have found that our responses often point users to specific sections of the documentation that provide further detail on the variables mentioned in the users’ queries.

In addition, we recommend that users become familiar with some of the information provided on the HRS website, such as the HRS questionnaires and codebooks for the key variables under study.

We have also found the concordance tool extremely useful to help find available variables across waves: