Research Centers

Many of the studies conducted in Labor and Population reside in one of several research centers. The issues studied include the economic position of minorities, changes in the female labor force, wealth and income disparities, welfare reform, the causes and consequences of family formation and fertility trends, child health and development, health and fertility in developing countries, and the health and functioning of older people, among others.

Current Centers

  • Behavioral Finance (BeFi) Forum Promotes Research on Consumer Behavior

    The RAND Behavioral Finance (BeFi) Forum is a collective of academic, financial, and government leaders who meet regularly in person and via web seminars to foster cutting-edge behavioral research for practical application. BeFi's mission is to help consumers make better financial decisions.

  • Center for Disability Research

    The RAND Center for Disability Research aims to better understand the social and economic causes and consequences of disability. Research themes include examining the roles of employers, health-care markets, knowledge networks, and social insurance programs.

  • Center for the Study of Aging

    The RAND Center for the Study of Aging has conducted objective, independent, interdisciplinary research on aging and the elderly for more than 20 years. It improves public policy through primary data collection as well as secondary data analysis.

  • Center for Chinese Aging Studies Facilitates Collaborative Research with Chinese Scholars

    The RAND Center for Chinese Aging Studies facilitate collaborative research with Chinese scholars on issues of population aging in China. It supports two Pardee RAND Graduate School dissertations each year, a post-doctoral fellowship for a Chinese scholar, and a joint research initiative with Peking University.

  • Center for Financial and Economic Decision Making Studies Human Behavior

    Ongoing research at the Center for Financial and Economic Decision Making (CFED) addresses the process of financial decision making over the life-cycle, in particular assessing how people collect information; how they think about risks, and probabilities; and how well they match their decisions to their preferences and interests.

  • International Research and Analysis Seeks to Enhance Wellbeing of People in Developing Countries

    Understanding the factors influencing economic growth and development is crucial to enhancing the human welfare of a nation. RAND International Research and Analysis is committed to fulfilling this objective.

  • Latin American Social Policy Research

    RAND conducts research throughout Latin America and the Latin American population in the United States in the areas of aging, social determinants and consequences of health, saving for retirement, social security coverage, labor market dynamics, and migration.