Labor & Population Research Areas

Labor and Population has built its international reputation by addressing head-on the world's most complex labor and social welfare issues. Learn more about our research by visiting the research area pages below.

  • Workforce Development

    The demand for educated, versatile workers who can interpret complex information and adapt to technological innovation is high. To promote workforce development at home and abroad, RAND helps public and private sector decisionmakers understand how to keep workers productive, knowledgeable, and engaged.

  • Financial Decisionmaking

    RAND helps people understand how to make better financial decisions and assists policymakers develop better financial decisionmaking tools and resources.

  • How AVs Could Provide Independence for Older Drivers

    Giving up driving has been linked to depression and isolation in older adults, as well as early entry into nursing home facilities. Autonomous vehicles could help improve the well-being of older adults by allowing them to maintain independence while still giving up their car keys.

  • Appalachia Partnership Helps Both Workers and Employers in a Changing Market

    An innovative program in Appalachia is realigning the skills of the workforce with the needs of employers, getting people back on the job and providing a 21st-century model of workforce development.

  • Many Americans Follow Nontraditional Paths to Retirement

    Most U.S. seniors follow nonstandard retirement pathways, such as first transitioning to working part time, leaving and then reentering the workforce, or working past age 70, and cognitive ability and personality can be a predictor of retirement path.

  • The Big Lift Implementation Study: Final Report

    The Big Lift is a preschool to third grade collective impact initiative in San Mateo County, California, aimed at improving third grade reading achievement. In the implementation phase, to what extent are community members engaging in collective impact, and how are strategies for the four pillars being implemented?

  • Bridge to Opportunities: Connecting Probationers to High-Wage Jobs

    Probation agencies face significant challenges to helping their clients find jobs, and earn living wages. One program focused on the construction industry aimed to improve the earning potential of individuals on probation in Sacramento County, California.