Supporting Children and Families

RAND Labor and Population researchers devise evidence-based solutions to improve public policy pertaining to childhood health and access to health care, children's success in early childhood programs including child care and preschool, and government assistance programs for low-income families.

Evaluating Programs Designed to Promote Children's Development

We evaluate programs and policies designed to help parents develop good parenting skills, maintain a safe and healthy home, and select quality child-care and preschool programs. To provide context to children's early life experiences, we examine parental employment, household stability, access to health care, and other environmental factors that affect children’s performance in educational settings.

Measuring the Impact of Public Assistance Programs for Low-Income Families

When parents struggle to provide a stable, safe, and healthy environment for their children and themselves, public assistance programs come to their aid. To help policymakers and practitioners make the most of limited resources, RAND Labor and Population examines the effectiveness of these programs and develops evidence-based approaches for helping low-income families move toward self-sufficiency and enabling their children to thrive.

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