Promoting International Development

RAND Labor and Population research in international development is diverse, but at its core reflects the philosophy that economies work best when workers have the right skills, the population is healthy, and decisionmakers have effective policies in place for growth.

Evaluating the Factors That Drive Economic Growth

We uncover why some economies thrive, and recommend policies that will benefit today's workforce and tomorrow's GDP. Much of this research is done through our Center for Research and Policy in International Development (RAPID) and our Center for Latin American Social Policy (CLASP).

Demonstrating the Role of Human Capital in Economic Development

Our recent research in this area includes helping to reduce unemployment among young Jordanians, experimenting with ways to increase the use of water filters in Kenya, and examining the growing trend of young Mexicans who neither study nor work.

Measuring the Impact of Policies and Programs

Our recent research in program evaluation is highly diverse. For example, we have compared the social security programs of Chile, Colombia, and Mexico; evaluated the socioeconomic effects of affordable housing on India's working poor; and assessed the success of training Chinese farmers in the use of fertilizer to improve efficiency and environmental outcomes.

  • Journal Article

    How Jakarta's Traffic Affects Labor Market Outcomes for Women and People with Disabilities

    Dec 28, 2017

    Urban transport costs is a potential barrier to female labor force participation in Indonesia. Jakarta has some of the world's worst traffic, and large urban transport or commuting costs increase the time it takes for women to perform daily activities that take place outside the home.

  • Tool

    Economic Impacts of the Syrian Conflict

    Oct 19, 2017

    Data from the World Bank and insights from economics literature are used to estimate the economic impact of destruction and infrastructure spending in agriculture, education, energy, health, housing, transportation, and water and sanitation in six war-torn cities.

  • Report

    Calculating the Gross Regional Product of the Kurdistan Region — Iraq

    Mar 22, 2016

    The annual calculation of the gross regional product (GRP) is a critical indicator as the Kurdistan Regional Government seeks to develop comprehensive and reliable statistics on the Kurdistan Region — Iraq (KRI) as it charts a course toward peace and prosperity.

  • Report

    Developing Long-Term Socioeconomic Strategy in Israel

    Apr 25, 2016

    Israel faces economic and social challenges. The government has not developed and implemented strategic responses to socioeconomic problems that demand longer-term policy action. How can it form and implement a socioeconomic strategy and take a long-term view of these issues?

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