Seminars and Conferences

RAND Labor and Population engages in various other activities intended to advance the field and support its research and policy missions.

Seminar Series

Annual Summer Program

Workshop and Conference Programs

Post Doctoral Training

Training researchers is another important part of RAND Labor and Population's commitment to scientific research and analysis. The RAND Post Doctoral Training Program in the Study of Aging program enables outstanding junior scholars in demographic and aging research to sharpen their analytic skills, learn to communicate research results effectively, and advance their research agenda.

The division has also sponsored year-long fellowships and shorter study visits for students and researchers from a number of developing countries, including Bangladesh, Cameroon, Guatemala, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Malaysia, Mexico, Pakistan, the Gambia, and the Philippines. Many of these students return to their countries to work in universities, government, or international agencies. For over two decades, the program has offered these fellowships and study visits, supported by grants from the Agency for International Development, the Population Council, and the Hewlett Foundation.