The Rise of AI: Insights from RAND

Conceptual represenatation of the effects of artificial intelligence, image by Florence Lo/Reuters; design by Haley Okuley/RAND

Image by Florence Lo/Reuters; design by Haley Okuley/RAND

Artificial intelligence—from machine learning that's already widely used today to the possible artificial general intelligence of the future—has the power to transform the way we live, work, and interact.

AI tools are evolving quickly, and decisionmakers are grappling with how to maximize the potential benefits, minimize the short- and long-term risks, and plan for an uncertain future.

RAND’s rigorous and independent research can help. Our experts have been studying a wide range of questions about the effects and uses of AI: Which jobs are likely to be most affected? How might AI tools be used to support military decisionmaking? What is required to ensure that algorithms don’t worsen inequity?

Answers to these and other important questions can help leaders and policymakers better understand AI and make informed decisions about how to balance promoting innovation while safeguarding against any dangers.

Military, Defense, and National Security

  • Report

    Does AI Increase the Operational Risk of Biological Attacks?

    When researchers role-playing as malign nonstate actors were assigned to realistic scenarios and tasked with planning a biological attack, there was no statistically significant difference in the viability of plans generated with or without the assistance of the current generation of large language models.

    Jan 25, 2024

Health and Well-Being

Misinformation, Disinformation, and Media Literacy

  • Commentary

    U.S. Adversaries Can Use Generative AI for Social Media Manipulation

    Using generative artificial intelligence technology, U.S. adversaries can manufacture fake social media accounts that seem real. These accounts can be used to advance narratives that serve the interests of those governments and pose a direct challenge to democracies. U.S. government, technology, and policy communities should act fast to counter this threat.

    Sep 7, 2023

Jobs, Workers, and the Economy

  • Visualization

    Rage Against the Machine? How AI Could Affect the Future of Work

    Understanding how technology and artificial intelligence have—and have not—affected jobs in the past can provide insights on the future of the American workforce. What is the relationship between occupational exposure and technologies, wages, and employment related to artificial intelligence?

    Oct 11, 2023

Technology Governance and Regulation

Scores of RAND researchers are studying AI from countless angles, providing key insights that can inform the use and regulation of AI tools now and in the future.

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