About RDMlab

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RDMlab is the world's leading innovator, teacher, and practitioner of tools and processes for Robust Decision Making and other decisionmaking under deep uncertainty.

RDMlab is a collaboration among RAND, the Pardee RAND Graduate School, and Evolving Logic to promote the development and use of Robust Decision Making (RDM) methods for policy and decisionmaking. It is

  • an incubator for RDM technologies and methods development
  • a source for information on state-of-the-art RDM applications and methods, and
  • a nucleus to foster collaboration for methods development and application to the world's most pressing policy problems.

Get Involved

RDMlab welcomes organizations to participate. We also encourage you to

  • browse this site and download information on RDM and its applications
  • engage with our interactive policy blogs, which our researchers will be posting in the coming months in the Research section
  • contact us to discuss ways to collaborate and disseminate RDM methods