Drug Policy Conference Oral Presentations

Listed alphabetically by presenter. Papers are accessible to conference attendees.

Judge Steven Alm

Judiciary, State of Hawaii, USA

Lessons learned from Project Hope (title TBD)

Jeremy Arkes

Naval Postgraduate School, USA

"Recessions and the participation of teenagers in the selling and use of illicit drugs"

Jeremy Arkes

Martin Bouchard

Simon Fraser University, Canada

"Illegal drug supply chains as social networks"

Martin Bouchard and Karine Descormiers

Anne Line Bretteville-Jensen

Norwegian Inst. for Alcohol and Drug Research, Norway

"Decriminialization and initiation into cannabis use"

Anne Line Bretteville-Jensen and Jenny Williams

Jenny Chalmers

University of New South Wales, Australia

"Riding out the global financial crisis? The implications of recession for drug use and harms"

Jenny Chalmers and Alison Ritter

Sandeep Chawla

United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime

"Research to inform policy: Some insights from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime"

Hope Corman

Rider University and NBER, USA

"Effects of welfare reform on illicit drug use of adult women"

Hope Corman, Dhaval Dave, and Nancy E. Reichman

Cláudia Costa Storti

EMCDDA, Portugal

"Unemployment and drug treatment"

Cláudia Costa Storti, Paul De Grauwe, Anna Sabadash, and Linda Montanari

Jean-Michel Costes

French Monitoring Center on Drugs (OFDT), France

"Ten years of change on the issue of drugs in France: Public policy, public opinion and media"

Jean-Michel Costes and Julie-Emilie Ades

William Crano

Claremont Graduate University, USA

"Translating basic persuasion research to the field: mass media and drug prevention"

Christopher Doran

University of New South Wales Institute for Drugs, Australia

"Including illicit drugs in the national accounts: evidence from Australia"

Juan Carlos Echeverry

Universidad de los Andes, Colombia

"Drug trafficking and impunity in the Lucas islands: Evidence for the United States, Mexico and Colombia"

Juan Carlos Echeverry and María Paula Gómez Sarmiento

Vanda Felbab-Brown

The Brookings Institution, USA

"Mexico's violence and lessons from Brazil"

Nicolas Fortané

Université de Lyon - Triangle UMR 5206, France

"Between public health and law enforcement, which mode of regulation for drug policies?"

Henri Bergeron and Nicolas Fortané

Asmin Fransiska

Atma Jaya University, Indonesia

"The future picture of Indonesian drug policy"

Asmin Fransiska

Ralph Fretz

Community Education Centers, USA

"Economic evaluation of a prerelease substance abuse treatment program for repeat criminal offenders"

Michael T. French, Hai Fang, and Ralph Fretz

Maurice Galla

European Commission, Belgium

"Research challenges for future EU drug policy"

Owen Gallupe

School of Criminology, Simon Fraser University, Canada

"Hanging out with the opposite sex: Unstructured socializing, peer group gender composition, and delinquency"

Owen Gallupe, Martin Bouchard, and Matthew A. King

Amanda Geller

Columbia University, USA

"Pot as pretext: Marijuana, race and the new disorder in New York City street policing"

Amanda Geller and Jeffrey Fagan

Suzette Glasner-Edwards


"Evidence-based practices in addiction treatment"

Suzette Glasner-Edwards and Richard Rawson

Wendy Gong

National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre, University of New South Wales, Australia

"Understanding the dynamics of Australian methamphetamine markets: Making better use of price data"

Wendy Gong, Alison Ritter, David Bright, and Chris Doran

Jelica Grbic

Edith Cowan University, Australia

"Factors influencing medical cannabis policy development in the U.S. and their implications"

Jelica Grbic, David Ryder, and Perilou Goddard

Victoria Greenfield

U.S. Naval Academy, USA

"If supply-oriented policy is broken, can "harm reduction" help fix it?"

Victoria Greenfield and Letizia Paoli

Ross Harvey

Griffith University, Australia

"What's old is new again: A case study of precursor chemical regulation in Queensland"

Ross Harvey

Angela Hawkins


Project Hope (title TBD)

Brendan Hughes

EMCDDA, Portugal

"Drug offences: Sentencing and other outcomes"

Brendan Hughes

Caitlin Hughes

Drug Policy Modelling Program, Australia

"The drug law enforcement performance monitoring impasse: Analysis and prospects for moving forward"

Caitlin Elizabeth Hughes and Steve James

Douglas Husak


"Competing rationales for drug policy"

Martin Iguchi

UCLA/RAND Corporation, USA

"Drugs and HIV in the U.S. and Russia"

Mireille Jacobson

RAND Corporation, USA

"Population cohort size and marijuana initiation"

Beau Kilmer

RAND Corporation, USA

"Drug enforcement and crime indicators"

Mark Kleiman


Project Hope (title TBD)

Julieta Lemaitre

Universidad de los Andes, Colombia

"Consumer right to a "personal dose" and the war on drugs: A study of liberalization of consumption policies in Bogotá, Colombia"

Julieta Lemaitre and Mauricio Albarracín

Riccardo Leoncini

Department of Economics, University of Bologna, Italy

"Counteracting cocaine production: An analysis based on a novel dataset"

Riccardo Leoncini and Francesco Rentocchini

Jo Thori Lind

University of Oslo, Norway

"Opium for the masses? Conflict-induced narcotics production in Afghanistan"

Jo Thori Lind, Karl Moene, and Fredrik Willumsen

Alcina Ló

IDT-National Institute on Drugs and Drug Addiction, Portugal

"Social integration programs and mediation strategies"

Alcina Branco Ló

Daniel Mejía Londoño

Dept of Economics, Universidad de los Andes, Colombia

"Competing on price or violence"

Robert MacCoun

UC Berkeley, USA

"California Assembly Bill 390 and the Tax and Regulate Cannabis Ballot Initiative: What would happen if California legalized marijuana?"

Susanne MacGregor

University of London (LSHTM), UK

"The framing of drug problems and policy responses: The relative autonomy of local action as illustrated in one English town"

Susanne MacGregor

Duane McBride

Andrews University, USA

"Community collaboration, the development of state methamphetamine precursor policies, and changes in state small toxic lab methamphetamine production"

Duane C. McBride, Curtis J. VanderWaal, Yvonne M. Terry-McElrath, Jamie F. Chriqui, and Jean C. O'Connor

David McDonald

Social Research & Evaluation Pty Ltd, Australia

"Using theories of policy processes in evaluating national drug strategies: The case of the 2009 evaluation of Australia's National Drug Strategy"

David McDonald, Geraldine Cleary, Mary-Ellen Miller, Sally Hsueh-Chih Lai, Ian Siggins, and Robert Bush

Raul Melo

Institute of Drug and Drug Addiction of Portugal

"Me & the Others Project—a preventive approach"

Raul Melo, Patrícia Pissarra, Nuno Marreiros, Joana Lamas e Vera Ribeiro

Kim Møller

Center for Alcohol and Drug Research, Copenhagen Division, Denmark

"An analysis of costs and profits in two Copenhagen cannabis markets"

Kim Møller

Abbas Motevalian

Iran University of Medical Science, Iran

"Random drug tests among public vehicle drivers in I.R. Iran"

Nancy Nicosia

RAND Corporation, USA

"Are supply-side drug control efforts effective?"

Bohdan Nosyk

Centre for Health Evaluation & Outcome Sciences, Canada

"An empirical specification of the rational addiction model for illicit drug use"

Letizia Paoli

Leuven Institute of Criminology, Belgium

"The harms of cocaine trafficking and other criminal activities: Testing a new framework for assessment"

Letizia Paoli, Victoria Greenfield, and Andries Zoutendijk

Pascal Perez

Australian National University, Australia

"A simulation model exploring responses to prevention and policing from young polydrug users in Australia"

Harold Pollack

School of Social Service Administration, USA

"If drug treatment works so well, why are so many drug users in prison?"

Harold Pollack, Peter Reuter, and Eric Sevigny

Richard Rawson

UCLA Integrated Substance Abuse Programs, USA

"Treatment of opiate addiction in the Egyptian prisons: Promise and challenges"

Peter Reuter

University of Maryland, USA

"Drug policy and control at the international level"

Roberto Ricci

Consultant for University of Tor Vergata Rome, Italy

"Illicit drug industry in the National Accounts: Some extension of the supply and demand side approaches"

Roberto Ricci

Alison Ritter

Drug Policy Modelling Program, Australia

"Policing indicators and policy indicators"

Kevin Sabet


"The research base for President Obama's first national drug control strategy"

Lawrence Scheier

LARS Research Institute, Inc., USA

"A person-centered approach to examining media campaign effects"

Mohammad Shahbazi

GFATM prisons organization (www.theglobalfund.org), Iran

"The first syringe exchange program in Iran prisons"

Nicola Singleton

UK Drug Policy Commission, UK

"Harm reduction, community engagement and partnership working—perspectives of enforcement personnel in the UK"

Michael Slater

Ohio State University, USA

"Assessing media campaigns linking marijuana non-use with autonomy and aspirations"

Michael D. Slater, Kathleen Kelly, Frank Lawrence, and Leonora M. G. Comello

Leslie Snyder

University of Connecticut, USA

"Longitudinal analysis of the impact of alcohol advertising on youth uptake of drinking"

Leslie B. Snyder, Maxim Polonsky, and Ann A. O'Connell

Alex Stevens

University of Kent, UK

"Telling policy stories: An ethnographic study of the use of evidence in policy-making in the UK"

Alex Stevens

Stephen Talpins

Institute for Behavior and Health & NPAMC Author, USA

"New strategies to curb drugged driving"

Robert L. DuPont, Barry K. Logan, and Stephen K. Talpins

Franz Trautmann

Trimbos Institute, Netherlands

"Evaluation of the National Drug Action Plan (2005-2009) of Luxembourg"

Franz Trautmann and Richard Braam

Freya Vander Laenen

Ghent University, IRCP, Belgium

"Towards community collaboration in drug policy: Best practices"

F. Vander Laenen and B. De Ruyver

Margriet van Laar

Trimbos Institute, Netherlands

"Use and epidemiological measures"

Margriet van Laar & Marianne van Ooyen-Houben

Trimbos Institute, Netherlands & Scientific Research and Documentation Centre, Ministry of Justice, Netherlands

"Dutch drug policy evaluated"

Margriet van Laar and Marianne van Ooyen-Houben

Jiri Vopravil

Czech Statistical Office, Charles University of Prague, Czech Republic

"Estimation of drug trade, its inclusion into national account systems and potential impact on GDP"

Chris Wilkins

SHORE, Massey University, New Zealand

"Criminal justice outcomes for cannabis use offenses in New Zealand, 1991-2008"

Chris Wilkins and Paul Sweetsur

Thomas Zabransky

Center for Addictology, Charles University, Czech Republic

"Treatment and AIDS related issues"

Gary Zarkin

RTI International, USA

"Benefits and costs of alternative substance abuse treatment programs for individuals in state prisons: Results from a lifetime simulation model"

Andries Zoutendijk

Leuven Institute of Criminology, Belgium

"Assessing the harms of cocaine trafficking and other organized criminal activities"


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