About RAND: Security

Military fellows at RAND arrive already holding various security clearances. However, please note that RAND is required to verify your clearance before granting access to its secure facilities.

As such, we ask that you please contact Tina Cotromanes (at Tina_Cotromanes@rand.org or (310) 393-0411 x7880) at least three days in advance of your arrival at RAND. She will coordinate with your current security officer to acquire a letter of verification and a copy of your current orders. She will also provide you with a copy of RAND's security manual. We ask that you read the entire manual before your arrival.

On arrival, you will be required to attend a RAND security briefing. Only after each of these items has been completed - recording on file your letter of verification and a copy of your current orders, and attending RAND's security briefing - can you be granted access to secure facilities.