Products and Publications

RAND has a long history of research on issues relating to the national security and public welfare of the United States, and it publishes the results of this research to serve the public interest.

Publications Catalog: RAND's catalog of publications, including the new and bestselling titles on National Security and International Affairs, is now online.

National Security Projects and Findings

The latest projects and findings are highlighted in five RAND U.S. National Security categories:

In addition, previously featured products, projects, and findings are maintained in the National Security Featured Findings Archive.

RAND National Security Publications

Some of RAND's national security research is classified. Nonetheless, RAND openly publishes the results of a significant portion of its national security research. You can view a complete list of RAND National Security publications available online.

RAND's work involves most of the major disciplines in the physical, social, and biological sciences, with emphasis on their applications to problems of policy and planning in domestic and foreign affairs. Complete resources for accessing any of RAND's publications can be found on the RAND Reports and Bookstore home page. You can search RAND's entire database of document abstracts by author, title, or keyword.

Some national security research is published by other presses.