RAND Participates in Major Biometric Conference

Over 400 representatives from government, industry, and academia participated in the U.S. Government's Biometric Consortium (BC) 2000 Conference held at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) on September 13-14, 2000. The BC Conference, titled "Biometric Technologies. . . Emerging into the Mainstream," focused on recent advances in biometric technologies and explored new developments in the areas of information assurance, standards, and biometric applications.  Some forty speakers presented topics, and vendors displayed an impressive array of numerous technologies. 

RAND played a prominent role as a supporting organization for this event and was well-represented at the proceedings. John Woodward, a senior policy analyst, gave a presentation on "Biometrics in the Digital World: The Electronic Signature (E-SIGN) and Other Recent Policy Developments." He also served as moderator for the "Biometrics Topics" panel. 

Elaine Newton, a research assistant at RAND, and Irving Lachow, a RAND consultant, also participated in the conference. Elaine works for Dr. Jonathon Phillips, the Program Manager for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's (DARPA) "Human Identification at a Distance" initiative. 

During his briefing, Phillip Loranger, the Director of DoD's newly-created Biometrics Management Office (BMO), credited RAND's work on legal and sociocultural concerns of biometrics with helping his office ensure that DoD addresses privacy concerns. 

On September 20th, 2000, RAND participated in the "Symposium for Applications of Human ID," which kicks-off the DARPA program. Elaine Newton presented an "Overview of Government Biometric Activities" and John Woodward spoke on "Social, Legal and Ethical Issues of Biometrics."