RAND Hosts Army Science Board Tour of Innovative Modeling and Simulation Techniques

Photo courtesy of the Institute for Creative Technologies
A Computer Scientist Studies Virtual Reality Scenarios
at the Institute for Creative Technologies

On March 27, 2001, RAND analyst Randall Steeb hosted a visit by the Army Science Board (ASB) Modeling and Simulation Panel to the USC/ISI Institute for Creative Technologies (ICT) in Marina Del Rey. In attendance were senior military analysts Ed Brady (head of the ASB panel), Stuart Starr of MITRE, Warren Morrison of CMU, Dan Rondeau of MITRE, and Mike Macedonia of STRICOM. Other RAND participants included LTC Mike Barbero, LTC Steve Hartman, MAJ Fred Gellert, Yuna Huh, Jon Grossman, Paul Davis, and Elliot Axelband.

In 1999, the U.S. Army awarded a five-year contract to the University of Southern California to create the ICT, a high-powered collaborative effort between the U.S. Army and Hollywood that was established to use entertainment, games, and immersion techniques to improve training, rehearsal and analysis for the military.

The group was given a tour of ICT's state-of-the-art facility, including the "Holodeck" scene generation room, the 3-D background creation lab responsible for the technology used in the film "The Matrix", and a demonstration of verbal interaction with synthesized soldiers in a crisis situation. The group had lunch with Jim Korris, Creative Director for the ICT and producer of the television show "Night Rider".

The ICT visit followed a day of modeling and simulation briefings and demonstrations at RAND for the ASB.

For further information on the capabilities, staff, and mission of the ICT, visit http://www.ict.usc.edu