Ready for Armageddon: Urban Operations Conference Focuses on Developing Solutions to Current Problems

Last year, over 100 participants from the four U.S. military services, the Department of Defense, the armies of New Zealand, Great Britain, Korea, Germany, Canada, Italy and Russia, and delegates from Israel joined RAND staff to listen to high-ranking military officials from around the world discuss their experiences at the RAND Arroyo Military Urban Operations Conference. The objective of this annual gathering is to provide a forum for information exchange and debate regarding the complete range of possible urban challenges likely to confront the military over the next generation.

Plans for the next conference, entitled "Ready for Armageddon", are currently under way. This year's conference, to be held April 18-19, 2001 at the Four Points Sheraton in Santa Monica, California, features a different focus than the previous event: the goal is not just to simply inform the audience of the challenges inherent during urban contingencies but to actually find solutions to selected problems of notable current relevancy. Speakers will be given problems to which solutions are sought rather than topics on which to speak, and the format will provide significantly more time for audience discussion of issues with speakers.

Several outstanding issues of importance to the U.S. urban operations community will be addressed: [Speakers are noted; those pending final confirmation are noted as "TBC."]

  • How can a force conduct support and attack helicopter operations during urban military operations? 

Speaker (TBC): MG Shlomo Mashiah, Head of Air Division for Helicopters, Israeli Air Force

  • How should the operational level commander conduct operations in regions with extraordinary levels of urbanization (e.g., Israel, Western Europe)? 

Speaker: BG (IDF, ret.) Gideon Avidor. General Avidor is working on a Ph.D. involving analysis of the effects of urbanization on Israeli military strategy and national defense policy.

  • How are the difficulties of urban CASEVAC solved?

Speaker: CAPT Myron Almond, Psychiatry Division, Naval Aerospace Medical Institute

  • What are the civil and military challenges confronting a coalition during urban stability operations and how can they best be addressed? 

Speaker: Ambassador Robert W. Farrand, Supervisor of Brcko and Deputy High Representative for Bosnia

  • How should the operational level commander coordinate special operations, intelligence, police, and ground force operations during urban internal security operations? 

Speaker: MG Al-Aitan Mohammad Majid, Commanding General, Jordanian Special Operations Command

  • Applying critical point and density analyses during urban operations 

Speaker: Dr. Russell W. Glenn, RAND Arroyo Center

  • What steps can the tactical commander take now to reduce friendly force and noncombatant casualties on the urban battlefield? 

Speaker from Center for Emerging Threats and Opportunities (OSD)

  • The strategic corporal's war-How can a force train to the requirements? 

Speaker: Major Douglas Chalmers, British Army, The Irish Brigade

If you are interested in attending the conference, please note that space tends to be limited. 

For more information, contact: 

Ms. Terri Perkins
TEL: 310/393-0411, Ext. 6661 
FAX: 310/451-7067 

For highlights from last year's conference, see "Tomorrow's Warfare: Urban Operations in the 21st Century".