RAND Analyst Serves as Technical Advisor to Crime Commission

RAND Senior Policy Analyst John D. Woodward, Jr. has been invited to advise the Virginia State Crime Commission, a standing legislative commission of the Virginia General Assembly. The commission is statutorily mandated to make recommendations on all areas of public safety in the Commonwealth. During the 2002 General Assembly, House Bill 454, which would set legal parameters for the use of facial recognition technology in Virginia, was introduced. It is pending in the Senate Courts of Justice Committee while the Crime Commission examines it.

The Chairman of the Crime Commission, Senator Kenneth W. Stolle, has established a Sub-Committee to examine the issue of facial recognition technology. The Sub-Committee's first meeting will be held on August 13, 2003 in Richmond. In his capacity as technical advisor, Woodward will give presentations to the Sub-Committee based on his work in biometrics. RAND Public Safety and Justice is supporting Woodward's work for the Crime Commission.