Woodward Gives Biometrics Presentation at Technology Forum

biometrics graphic: eye and lock John Woodward spoke at the West Virginia Forum on Technology and Innovation at West Virginia University on June 16.

The forum, hosted and moderated by Senator Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) addressed the need to develop biometric technologies for homeland security use.

Biometric technologies link personal identity to physiological or behavioral characteristics, such as fingerprints and iris patterns.

Senator Rockefeller commented that, "Biometric technologies have an important role to play in issues of personal and national security."

Woodward's presentation, entitled "Biometrics and National Security: Identifying Opportunities & Analyzing Concerns," identified key issues involved in implementing biometric solutions into a national security program.

Other conference speakers included West Virginia Governor Bob Wise, who addressed the role of biometrics in the state economy, and Dr. John Phillips, Chief Scientist for the Central Intelligence Agency and Chief Technical Officer for the Intelligence Community, who outlined the need for a national biometric road map.

MAJ Steve Carter, a RAND Army Fellow, and Mike Geruso, a RAND adjunct, also attended the event. The Arroyo Center supported Woodward's participation in the forum.