RAND Experts Available on Iran and Nuclear Weapons

RAND Middle East experts are available to discuss reports that Iran has loaded fuel rods into a nuclear reactor and is set to formally declare that an underground bunker complex for uranium enrichment is fully operational.

Amb. James Dobbins is author of recent commentaries on Iran including "Dissuading Iran from the Bomb and Avoiding War" and "An Attack Would Only Strengthen Iran's Influence."

Lynn E. Davis is director of RAND's Washington office, and served as Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security Affairs under President Clinton. She is a co-author of "Iran's Nuclear Future: Critical U.S. Policy Choices."

Alireza Nader is a senior international policy analyst and the lead co-author of "Coping with a Nuclearizing Iran" and the commentary "Is Regime Change in Iran the Only Solution?"

Dalia Dassa Kaye is a senior political scientist who co-authored "Israel and Iran: A Dangerous Rivalry," and recently authored the commentary "Do Israelis Really Want to Bomb Iran?"

Fred Wehrey is a senior policy analyst and co-author of "Coping with a Nuclearizing Iran."


To arrange an interview, contact the RAND Office of Media Relations:
(703) 414-4795 or
(310) 451-6913, or
send an email to media@rand.org.

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