Experts Available to Discuss California Water Crisis, Climate Change and Planning for the Future

April 15, 2015

California officials and a variety of municipal agencies are implementing numerous policy changes to help cope with the ongoing multi-year drought in the state, the worst since weather record-keeping began. Recently, Gov. Jerry Brown ordered mandatory water use restrictions for urban water use for the first time in the state's history.

The RAND Corporation, a nonprofit research organization, has a number of experts who can talk to journalists about what government agencies can do to better manage water resources, what methods are the most effective at encouraging citizens to conserve and use water wisely; and how leaders can better plan for future climate crises.

David G. Groves, co-director, RAND Water and Climate Resilience Center and senior policy researcher. Topics: Water resources, infrastructure, and coastal planning under uncertainty; adapting to a changing climate; and decision-making under uncertainty.

Robert J. Lempert, director of RAND's Frederick S. Pardee Center for Longer Range Global Policy and the Future Human Condition and senior scientist. Topics: climate change, decision-making under uncertainty, natural resource management, and infrastructure planning.

Jordan R. Fischbach, co-director, RAND Water and Climate Resilience Center and policy researcher. Topics: adapting to a changing climate; water resources management and infrastructure planning under uncertainty.

Lloyd Dixon, director, RAND Center for Catastrophic Risk Management and Compensation and senior economist. Topics: Insurance markets for wind and flood damage; catastrophic risk in California; California's 1991 Drought Water Bank; and water management in the state.

Anita Chandra, director, RAND Justice, Infrastructure, and Environment and senior policy researcher. Topics: assessment of factors contributing to community resilience; how to encourage individuals to participate in community goals, such as water rationing

Debra Knopman, principal researcher. Topics: hydrology, environmental and natural resources policy; long-term water resources planning and management; governance and funding for urban adaptation to climate change; regional environmental restoration.

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