RAND Terrorism Experts Available for Television Interviews About Paris Attacks

November 17, 2015

The RAND Corporation has several terrorism experts available for television interviews on the Paris attacks. Remote access is available from our three VideoLink TV studios in Santa Monica, Washington D.C. and Pittsburgh.

Colin Clarke, political scientist, can discuss insurgency/counterinsurgency, unconventional/irregular/asymmetric warfare (including cyber) and national and international security issues and challenges. Clarke told CNBC that France is unlikely to call on NATO: "The last thing they would want is to invoke Article 5 and have the U.S. back away," he said, explaining that Washington may be reticent to initiate a treaty-legalized war as it pursues diplomatic agreement with Russia and others.

Amb. James Dobbins — senior fellow and Distinguished Chair in Diplomacy and Security, can discuss Europe, global security, international diplomacy, Iraq, Middle East, nation building and NATO. Dobbins recently said Russia and the U.S. will first have to stop the fighting in Syria before there's any hope for a diplomatic solution: if you try to get a political settlement first, “the fighting will go on for years.”

Seth Jones — director of the International Security and Defense Policy Center, can address ISIS, al Qaeda, counterterrorism, counterinsurgency. Jones told the Los Angeles Times “The sheer number of fighters that have gone over and traveled to Syria and Iraq is unprecedented in jihadist battlefields in the modern era.”

Linda Robinson — senior international policy analyst, has expertise in national security strategy, international affairs, U.S. foreign policy, security force assistance, special operations forces, irregular warfare and stability operations.

Howard Shatz — senior economist, has expertise about the finances of ISIS, international economics and international trade, and economics and national security. Shatz told Marketplace radio that one source of ISIS' money is the looted antiquities market: "We're really talking about small items, so tablets or seals. You can put those in your pocket, you can put them in a suitcase."

Rebecca Zimmerman — associate policy analyst, can discuss terrorism, international affairs and diplomacy. Zimmerman told The Daily Signal, “I think what makes this [the Paris attacks] particularly difficult is that up until Friday evening, the U.S. had the sense its strategy was starting to bear fruit and starting to make a difference.”


To arrange an interview, contact the RAND Office of Media Relations:
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send an email to media@rand.org.

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