Expert Available to Discuss People Smuggling and Illegal Migration in the Mediterranean Region

March 8, 2016

Giacomo Persi Paoli, a senior analyst at the not-for-profit research institute RAND Europe, is available for media interviews to talk about people smuggling and illegal migration in the Mediterranean region.

Persi Paoli is an Italian Navy veteran with first-hand experience at rescuing refugees at sea. He is currently involved in the Mediterranean Foresight Forum, a project funded by RAND, which is focusing on the complex challenges within the region, such as criminal activities covering smuggling/trafficking of people, arms and drugs.

Persi Paoli believes that there needs to be comprehensive strategy to tackle people smuggling and illegal migration in the Mediterranean region. Simply making traffickers' vessels inoperable or curbing the number of migrants crossing the Aegean Sea into Europe will not stop people smuggling or illegal migration between Turkey and Greece.

The comprehensive strategy involves the following elements:

  • International collaboration. The naval campaign around Somalia is an excellent example e.g. an international task force, which is a collaboration of different countries patrolling waters.
  • Regional coordination with countries close to the heart of the migrant crisis. Assisting with interventions in countries of origin and countries of transit will help to address the root causes of people smuggling and illegal migration.
  • Supporting the processing of legitimate refugees and asylum seekers. This will help to stop “trips of hope” that fuel criminal networks and people smuggling, as well as illegal migration.

Persi Paoli has also written two articles about Europe's migrant crisis and people smuggling in the Mediterranean region.

“Why Now Is the Time for a Unified Response to Europe's Migrant Crisis”

“How to Solve the Mediterranean's Migrant Crisis”

To arrange an interview please contact Jack Melling on or 01223 227 591.

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