Experts Available to Discuss RAND Research on Veterans and Employment

November 2, 2016

The transition from military service to civilian employment often can be challenging for U.S. veterans, who also often are dealing with the physical and mental injuries sustained during their service.

The RAND Corporation, a nonprofit research organization, has conducted numerous studies over the past decade on the issues veterans face when transitioning to the civilian workforce and the programs and potential solutions that can help them. Experts available for interview include:

Kimberly Curry Hall, RAND policy analyst, can discuss veteran employment, private sector companies' experiences hiring veterans and strategies to improve veteran employment opportunities.

Chaitra M. Hardison, RAND senior behavioral scientist, can discuss the nontechnical knowledge, skills and training veterans bring to the workforce, and how they can best market those skills to civilian employers.

Agnes Gereben Schaefer, RAND senior political scientist, can discuss employment issues for military reservists and the challenges faced by military families when they leave military service.

Jeffrey Wenger, RAND senior policy researcher, can discuss the transitions of military personnel into the civilian labor force.

Laura Werber, RAND senior management scientist, can discuss reintegration challenges for reservists after they leave the service, employment challenges for veterans and the Beyond Yellow Ribbon program.

For television interviews, remote access is available from our ReadyCam TV studios in Santa Monica, Washington D.C. and Pittsburgh. To arrange an interview with these RAND experts, contact or (310) 451-6913.


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