RAND Expert Bruce Bennett Available for Interviews on North Korean Crisis, China, ROK

May 11, 2017

Bruce Bennett, RAND senior international/defense analyst, is available for television interviews this week on the North Korean crisis. He is currently at the RAND Santa Monica campus, but can do remote interviews via the ReadyCam system.

Among the topics Bennett can address:

  • How serious are the North Korean threats? Can North Korea put a nuclear weapon on a ballistic missile and use it to attack a South Korean or Japanese city? How much damage could that do?
  • When will North Korea potentially be able to strike a U.S. city with a nuclear weapon?
  • Would North Korea's leader actually use such weapons? Wouldn't the United States launch hundreds of nuclear weapons in response and destroy North Korea?
  • How will the election of South Korea's new president, Moon Jae-In, affect the U.S.-ROK alliance? How might he try to improve relations with North Korea, and what might that mean for U.S. policy positions?
  • What—if anything—can China or the United States do to mitigate the threat of North Korea's nuclear weapon and ballistic missile programs?


To arrange an interview, contact the RAND Office of Media Relations:
(703) 414-4795 or
(310) 451-6913, or
send an email to media@rand.org.

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