Experts Studying Health Worker Stress During Pandemic Available to Discuss Extent, Consequences of the Problem

February 11, 2021

Health workers on the front lines of treating COVID-19 patients are facing unprecedented emotional and physical distress. RAND experts who area leading a research project examining the nature of the problem and methods to aid health workers are available for interviews about the urgent national issue. Issues they can address include:

  • How unique are the emotional challenges facing health workers on the front lines of treating COVID-19, and what type of symptoms and problems are they suffering?
  • What options are available to aid health care workers who are facing burnout and even PTSD?
  • What are the impediments that may prevent stressed physicians and other health care workers from receiving help for their emotional challenges?

Dr. Courtney A. Gidengil is a pediatric infectious disease expert and senior physician policy researcher at RAND. She is a co-leader of a federally funded study examining the mental and physical well-being of frontline health care workers during COVID-19. She treats patients at Boston Children's Hospital.

Lisa Meredith is a psychologist who has studied predictors of health provider burnout, as well as how to prepare hospitals and clinics for addressing the psychological aspects of large-scale public health emergencies. She is co-leader of the RAND project examining the stress facing health care workers and strategies to treat that stress.


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