RAND Europe Defence Experts Available for Comment on NATO Madrid Summit

June 24, 2022

RAND Europe has several defence experts available for informed analysis and comment both ahead of and during next week's Madrid Summit.

At a crucial moment for the Alliance, this NATO summit will agree to and adopt a new Strategic Concept, the central document that defines the central security challenges facing the Alliance and outlines the political and military tasks that NATO will carry out over the next decade.

In light of the human and security consequences of Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the withdrawal from Afghanistan, the issue of Human Security will be a key focus for the Strategic Concept.

RAND Europe analysis has directly informed these discussions at NATO during its development.

Further information on work by RAND Europe about NATO / Human Security can be found here.

Available RAND Europe experts include:

  • Kaleigh Heard, senior analyst: expertise in NATO, human security, human rights, protection of civilians, migration, civil-military relations, counterinsurgency, counterterrorism, defence policy and planning, defence training and exercises.
  • James Black, lead for RAND's research and wargaming on Defence Strategy, Policy, and Capabilities in Europe. Expertise in NATO military strategy, deterrence, future of warfighting, future of multi-domain operations (land, sea, air, cyber, space), future of hybrid warfare, defence innovation, strategic competition with Russia and China. Also currently a NATO 2030 Fellow.

To arrange an interview, contact RAND Europe's Media team: email europeanmedia@randeurope.org or call Clare Harkey on (+44) (0)7387262584

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