RAND Experts Available to Discuss Ukraine President Zelenskyy's Address to U.S. Congress

December 21, 2022

RAND Corporation experts are available to discuss Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy's address to a joint session of Congress scheduled for 7:30pm ET today.

“The address is likely to have a well-deserved triumphal tone,” said William Courtney, adjunct senior fellow at RAND and former U.S. Ambassador to Georgia and Kazakhstan.

Courtney and other RAND experts may be reached before and after this evening's speech to discuss military, economic, and humanitarian aspects of the war. You may try the individual emails listed or media@rand.org:

Additional comments from Courtney available for quotation:

  • “Zelenskyy may believe this is a good time for a visit. Ukrainians have shown courage and military prowess and have gained more international sympathy as Russia has waged large-scale attacks on civilian targets in Ukraine, especially energy infrastructure.
  • “Zelenskyy may want to make a strong public case for U.S. support at a time when some Republicans and some Progressives in the House have expressed skepticism about aid to Ukraine.
  • “In his remarks to Congress, Zelenskyy may voice deep gratitude for substantial U.S. military, economic, and humanitarian aid, some $50 billion this year. The United States is by far Ukraine's largest supporter, especially in military and intelligence support.
  • “In arguing why Ukraine deserves more support, Zelenskyy may point to successful counter-offensives in recent months. He will likely argue that to continue battlefield momentum and prevent the war from becoming a stalemate, Ukrainian forces need more and better weapons.
  • “The United States is beginning to train Ukrainian forces in Germany for combined arms operations. They synchronize the activities of infantry, armor, artillery, and aviation, needed for more effective counter-offensive operations.
  • “Zelenskyy can be expected to thank the United States for agreeing to provide the Patriot, the most potent U.S. air and missile defense system designed to protect point targets, such as a city. The Patriot will be Ukraine's only defense against supersonic missiles.
  • “Zelenskyy might ask Congress for longer-range rocket artillery (ATACMS) and U.S. combat aircraft such as F-16s or F-15s. These systems could force Russia to change logistics, command and control, and tactics in ways which could be to Ukraine's advantage.
  • “Zelenskyy may reiterate to Congress that Ukraine's goal is to take back all of its territory, including Crimea, where Russia bases its Black Sea Fleet. He may voice confidence that this goal is realistic.
  • “Zelenskyy may urge that Western support for reconstruction get underway now, even as conflict continues. He might request that some $300 billion in Russian central bank and other assets impounded in the West be forfeited and used to finance reconstruction.”


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