Media Call: RAND Experts Discuss First Year of Russia-Ukraine War


RAND experts will discuss the state of the war as it approaches the one-year mark and what may lie ahead.

Topics will include the Western alliance providing aid to Ukraine, expansion of NATO, the latest weapons systems and their capabilities, likely areas of upcoming fighting, prospects for an end to the war, and broader implications for global trade, diplomacy, and China-Taiwan tensions.


Confirmed RAND experts:

  • John Tefft, adjunct senior fellow at the RAND Corporation, U.S. ambassador to Russia, 2014–2017, U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, 2009–2013
  • Ruth Harris, research group director, Defence and Security, RAND Europe, with expertise in NATO expansion
  • Dara Massicot, senior policy researcher at RAND with expertise in Russian and Ukrainian military strategies and capabilities
  • David Ochmanek, senior international/defense researcher at RAND, former deputy assistant secretary of Defense for Force Development, 2009–2014, with expertise in gaps in U.S. defense planning, Chinese military
  • Barry Pavel, vice president, RAND National Security Research Division; director, National Defense Research Institute with expertise in U.S. defense strategy, capabilities, and alliances


Thursday, February 2, 11 a.m. ET


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