RAND Experts to Discuss Stakes of Taiwan Election

RAND experts on Taiwan and the People's Republic of China are available to discuss the implications of the Jan. 13 election in Taiwan for peace and stability in the region.

The following experts can discuss the stakes for cross-strait relations and the rising threat of conflict with China; international trade, particularly the global semiconductor industry; and the rationale for the U.S.'s strategically ambiguous position on Taiwan:

  • Raymond Kuo, director, Taiwan Policy Initiative and senior political scientist, currently on the ground in Taipei, with expertise in international security, the international order and East Asia
  • Timothy Heath, senior international/defense researcher with expertise on Taiwan, China's military and Chinese Communist Party (CCP) politics
  • Kristen Gunness, senior policy researcher with expertise in military, security and foreign policy issues in the Indo-Pacific region with a focus on China, deterrence and escalation management
  • David Shlapak, senior defense researcher with expertise on Taiwan's military, Taiwan's defense capabilities and great-power competition.

If interested in an interview, please contact dsaenz@rand.org or media@rand.org.


To arrange an interview, contact the RAND Office of Media Relations:
(703) 414-4795 or
(310) 451-6913, or
send an email to media@rand.org.

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