RAND Announcements

  • Jeremy R. Azrael Scholarship Supports Students from Former Soviet States

    Jun 19, 2014

    Jeremy Azrael was an expert on the Russian economy who devoted his career to promoting better understanding between the U.S. and the former Soviet Union. A scholarship in his name supports a first-year Pardee RAND Graduate School student from a former Soviet state.

  • Amb. Robert D. Hormats Named Chair of CAPP Advisory Board

    May 19, 2014

    Ambassador Robert D. Hormats has been named the chairman of the advisory board for the RAND Center for Asia Pacific Policy. He is currently vice chairman of Kissinger Associates Inc.

  • Today Is Pittsburgh's Day of Giving

    May 6, 2014

    Between 6 a.m. and midnight today you can support RAND and have your gift go further thanks to The Pittsburgh Foundation matching a portion of all gifts from $25 to $1,000.

  • IDSS Speaker Discusses "Rebooting Africa"

    Mar 7, 2014

    The International Development Speaker Series welcomed Harvard's Calestous Juma, who discussed strategies for enabling Africa to harness the power of platform technologies for the technological catch-up and leapfrogging needed to spur economic development and prosperity.

  • Dr. Gill Samuels CBE Joins RAND Europe Council of Advisors

    Jan 31, 2014

    Dr. Gill Samuels CBE joined the RAND Europe Council of Advisors during its meeting in January. She is a physiologist and neuropharmacologist by training and was Director of Cardiovascular Biology at Pfizer, contributing to the discovery and development of a number of medicines.

  • Gen. Amos Discusses the Future of the USMC at RAND

    Jan 29, 2014

    The hard-won lessons of Afghanistan and Iraq over the last decade will serve the U.S. Marine Corps well as it faces new challenges around the world, Marine Corps Commandant James F. Amos told a gathering at RAND's Washington headquarters.

  • Thomas V. Jones, Risk-Taking CEO Who Propelled Northrop's Expansion, Revolutionized Aerospace Industry

    Jan 17, 2014

    Thomas V. Jones, the Stanford-educated engineer who authored a bestselling RAND report in the early 1950s on U.S. Air Force transport options before becoming chief executive of Northrop, died January 7 at the age of 93.

  • Sheila Bair Joins RAND Corporation Board of Trustees

    Jan 7, 2014

    Sheila C. Bair, a finance and banking expert who has a long history of public service, has been elected to the RAND Corporation Board of Trustees. She will join the Board in April at its meeting in Washington, D.C.

  • RAND Is Accepting Applications for Stanton Nuclear Security Fellowships

    Dec 4, 2013

    RAND is accepting applications for up to three Stanton Nuclear Security Fellows. The application deadline is February 10, 2014. The program was created to stimulate the development of the next generation of thought leaders on nuclear security.

  • Willis Ware, Computer Pioneer, Helped Build Early Machines and Warned About Security Privacy

    Nov 27, 2013

    Willis Ware, a RAND Corporation engineer who in the 1960s predicted the ubiquity of the personal computer, the ways it would propel people into lives of perpetual change, and the perils it would pose for personal privacy, has died. He was 93.

  • U.S. Air Force Academy Presents Natalie Crawford with Thomas D. White National Defense Award

    Nov 19, 2013

    RAND Senior Fellow Natalie Crawford received the U.S. Air Force Academy's 2012 Thomas D. White National Defense Award for her significant contributions to national security. Previous award winners include the Air Force's first chief of staff, General Carl Spaatz, and actor Bob Hope.

  • Pardee RAND Graduate School Elects New Board Members

    Nov 14, 2013

    The RAND Board of Trustees elected two new members to the Pardee RAND Graduate School Board of Governors this week: John Seely Brown and Robert A. Eckert.

  • Announcing the RAND Professorship of Health Services Research

    Nov 6, 2013

    The Professorship of Health Services Research, held by Professor Martin Roland CBE, has been retitled to the RAND Professorship of Health Services Research in recognition of the successful collaboration between the University of Cambridge and RAND Europe to develop a center of excellence and innovation in health services research.

  • Mark Schuster Elected to the Institute of Medicine

    Oct 25, 2013

    Dr. Mark Schuster has been elected to the Institute of Medicine. He is an adjunct researcher at RAND and the William Berenberg Professor of Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School and Chief of General Pediatrics and Vice Chair for Health Policy in the Department of Medicine at Boston Children's Hospital.

  • RAND Summer Institute July 7–10, 2014

    Oct 22, 2013

    Applications are being accepted now through March 21 for the 21st annual RAND Summer Institute (RSI), a pair of conferences on aging that will be held next July 7–10 at the RAND Corporation headquarters in Santa Monica.

  • RAND Launches Initiative to Study Drug Discount Program

    Oct 21, 2013

    The RAND Corporation is launching a new research initiative to provide objective and nonpartisan analysis about the impact and future of the 340B program, a major federal program that gives safety net hospitals and other health care providers access to discounted outpatient medications.

  • Robinson Book on Special Ops Earns Plaudits

    Oct 17, 2013

    Linda Robinson's One Hundred Victories shows how special operations forces are evolving to become the go-to force for military operations worldwide. The author, a senior international policy analyst at RAND, draws from her own on-the-ground reporting and interviews with key players inside the national defense community.

  • Willis H. Ware Inducted Into the National Cyber Security Hall of Fame

    Oct 17, 2013

    The board of advisors for the National Cyber Security Hall of Fame has chosen Willis H. Ware, senior computer scientist emeritus at RAND, as one of its five inductees for the Class of 2013. Ware is considered a pioneer in the field of computer technology and has been involved in digital computing since the mid-1940s.

  • Christopher Paul Receives Fulbright Specialist Award

    Oct 2, 2013

    RAND's Christopher Paul has been selected for a Fulbright Specialist project in New Zealand at Massey University's Centre for Defence and Security Studies (CDSS). Collaborating with CDSS, he will provide an internal review of the security studies curriculum and consult on the development of a new internship program and a proposed course of study on irregular warfare.

  • Lynn Davis Interviews Eric Schlosser on Book TV

    Oct 1, 2013

    As a guest host of Book TV's “After Words,” Lynn Davis spoke to Eric Schlosser about his latest book, Command and Control: Nuclear Weapons, the Damascus Accident, and the Illusion of Safety.

  • RAND's Teacher Bonus Research Recognized by U.S. Dept. of Education

    Sep 24, 2013

    The U.S. Department of Education's Institute of Education Sciences recognized a RAND report on the effects of teacher bonuses in New York City public schools last week. IES added the report, A Big Apple for Educators, to its What Works Clearinghouse™.

  • RAND Designs Web Registry for Developing-Country Impact Evaluations

    Sep 18, 2013

    The RAND Corporation has developed a new web registry that aims to increase transparency in the performance and reporting of studies of the impacts of programs, minimizing concerns over several well-known types of bias in research or reporting.

  • For Pardee RAND Graduate School, a $3.6 Million Gift

    Sep 4, 2013

    Frederick S. Pardee, a former RAND researcher, contributed $3.6 million to support the Pardee RAND Graduate School and to create its Pardee Initiative for Global Human Progress. His generous gift will seed projects that help those in developing countries.

  • Nobel Laureate Ronald Coase Dies at Age 102

    Sep 3, 2013

    Dr. Ronald Coase, the oldest living Nobel Laureate until his death in Chicago on Monday, was a pioneer in applying economic theory to the law. In the 1960s and 1970s Coase was an affiliate at the RAND Corporation, where he wrote one of his key publications.

  • Building Democracy on the Ashes of Authoritarianism in the Arab World

    Jul 29, 2013

    In April, RAND and the International Strategic Research Organization convened a workshop in Istanbul, where policymakers, opinion leaders, and experts from Arab regions explored practical measures countries can adopt to build enduring democratic institutions and practices.