RAND-authored Articles Vie for RWJF "Most Influential Research Article of the Year"

December 9, 2011

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In the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's annual poll, two RAND-authored articles are among the 20 in competition for "most influential research article of the year."

Carole Gresenz and Jose Escarce coauthored one article, "Spillover Effects of Community Uninsurance on Working-age Adults and Seniors"; and a PRGS student, Christina Huang, was a coauthor of "Changes in Energy Content of Lunchtime Purchases from Fast Food Restaurants after Introduction of Calorie Labeling."

Announced by David C. Colby, vice president of research and evaluation at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, this year's 20 research articles were selected based on their solid research and their popularity as revealed by the number of visits each article collected since published to the website. The Foundation does not determine the top research; it asks the public to do the honor. The Foundation asks that as you cast your votes for the most influential, consider whether the research articles guided the field of policy and practice, influenced how the public thinks about health and health care issues, or changed long-held perceptions of the health care field at large.

Cast Your Vote by December 23, 2011

Voting for the "Final 5" Most Influential Research Articles of 2011 opens December 5 and ends December 23 (midnight EST). Individuals are allowed to vote for up to five articles. The contest is online at http://www.rwjf.org/pr/poll.jsp. Cast your votes today!