Comment on False Web Postings Regarding RAND Work on China

January 20, 2012
revised from October 4, 2010

Several online postings containing false information regarding RAND Corporation research have appeared on various websites and blogs produced in China. With titles such as "Accurately China Sent Troops to Korea: To See the Valuation of RAND to China," "China will become the poorest country in the world in 2020," and "RAND Corporation's evaluation of Chinese people," the online postings contain extremely negative comments about the Chinese people, and attribute those to RAND. RAND has never published the comments or reports cited in the online postings. The online postings do not represent the views of RAND scholars. Portions of these online postings appear to misquote testimony by a RAND associate given in 2005. That testimony is available in full, in both English and Chinese, at: A full range of RAND reports regarding China may be found at: Further queries regarding RAND and China may be directed to