What Makes Us Unique?

A combination of characteristics set the Deployment Life Study apart from other studies . . .

  • This study used a large sample, across all DoD Services and Components, including active, guard, and reserve members
  • Data were collected from multiple informants within each participating family including the service member, spouse, and child (if eligible)
  • We used a longitudinal approach with data collected from the same respondents every 4 months over a period of 3 years
  • Service member respondents were selected based on their deployability and we followed these families across an entire deployment cycle; assessing function before, during, and after deployment.
  • The analyses explores both individual level functioning as well as family level of functioning.
  • The study used a web-based platform for data collection with live telephone support for participants as needed.

The Deployment Life Study used standard and validated measures (where available) that enable comparison with other study samples. This study assessed a wide range of outcomes including:

  • Physical, emotional and psychological health
  • Family roles and relationships
  • Career intentions, and others

Finally, while sponsored by offices within the Department of Defense, the Deployment Life Study was conducted by RAND, an independent research organization.