Catalog of Programs to Address Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury


About the Catalog of Programs

Between December 2009 and August 2010, the RAND project team identified a total of 211 Department of Defense-sponsored programs that address psychological health and traumatic brain injury and meet our inclusion criteria as set forth in Programs Addressing Psychological Health and Care for Traumatic Brain Injury Among U.S. Military Servicemembers and their Families (TR-950-OSD, page 20).

Information reported about each program was gathered through 30- to 60-minute interviews with each program. After the interview, RAND staff prepared and sent a report including the program description to each interviewee and asked them to review the report and ensure its accuracy.

This list of programs became an online, searchable database that was posted to this site. This resource has been retired, but you can download a data export that includes the full contents of the database.

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Finding Information About Programs