RAND Visit by Dutch Marine Corps Commandant

RAND researchers meet with Brigadier General Jeff R. Mac Mootry and other members of the delegation

RAND researchers meet with Brigadier General Jeff R. Mac Mootry and other members of the delegation

Photo by J.D. Williams / RAND Corporation

On June 5, RAND’s Washington office hosted a visit by Brigadier General Jeff R. Mac Mootry, Commandant of the Netherlands Marine Corps and Director of Operations for the Royal Netherlands Navy. The delegation also included the Dutch naval attaché and several representatives from the U.S. Marine Corps.

The visit provided an opportunity for the Dutch military leaders to exchange views with RAND researchers on the security environment and emerging capabilities and concepts for maritime and amphibious operations.

  • NATO's Amphibious Forces: Command and Control of a Multibrigade Alliance Task Force

    At the request of U.S. Marine Corps Forces Europe and Africa, RAND researchers facilitated three wargaming events exploring how to leverage and enhance the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)'s existing amphibious capacity by organizing extant national forces into a coherent multibrigade command and control (C2) structure.

  • How to Maintain Arctic Cooperation with Russia

    Despite tensions between Russia and the West, Arctic cooperation has remained intact. But America should prepare for changes that may alter Moscow's incentives. These include rising interest in Arctic resources and greater maritime access due to climate change.

  • Advancing Autonomous Systems

    The U.S. Navy is interested in developing autonomous capabilities to execute tasks that are increasingly hazardous for humans and to enhance warfighting capabilities. What technologies are being developed to enable autonomy in naval vehicles?

  • Amphibious Operations in Contested Environments

    Amphibious forces can be useful in a variety of settings. But the reach and lethality of today's weapons make parts of amphibious operations especially challenging.