Resolutions and Optimism from the Santa Monica Community Going into the New Year


Jan 3, 2022

Empty asphalt road with 2022 text on the road, photo by DaLiu/Getty Images

Photo by DaLiu/Getty Images

This commentary originally appeared on Santa Monica Daily Press on January 1, 2022.

My resolution is part professional, and definitely personal. As a multiracial woman, I know how important it is to “level the playing field.” To me, this means drawing together folks from different cultural perspectives to speak with and learn from one another—to develop cross-cultural understanding. I resolve to create more such spaces. I resolve to bring together diverse groups of individuals to deliberate timely topics, discuss social issues, promote cultural awareness among multiple viewpoints, and create actionable outcomes. My hope is that if we can work together to communicate effectively, we can find ways to make the world better for all.

Rhianna Rogers is director of the Center to Advance Racial Equity Policy at RAND Corporation.

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