Many individuals contributed to the development and writing of this report. First and foremost, the author owes a large debt of gratitude to Julie DaVanzo, the Director of RAND's Population Matters project. Julie originated the idea of a report that would assess the security implications of global demographic trends and then enthusiastically provided valuable guidance, encouragement, and suggestions to the author throughout the duration of the study. Her untiring support and patience were the main elements that kept this work moving forward toward completion. Special thanks are also due to RAND colleagues Kevin McCarthy and Richard Darilek, whose early comments helped to shape the study's analytical framework. Elizabeth Economy of the Council on Foreign Relations, Thomas Homer-Dixon of the University of Toronto, and Ashley Tellis of RAND wrote insightful technical reviews of an earlier draft of this report. RAND colleagues Linda Martin, Tom McNaugher, Tom Szayna, David Adamson, and David Kassing provided useful inputs during early meetings held to discuss the structure of the study's initial briefing. Nikki Shacklett skillfully edited the report.

This work also benefited from several presentations of the project briefing to audiences outside of RAND. Assistant Secretary of State Julia Taft gave generously of her time to sponsor a briefing session with interested State Department desk officers. Sally Patterson and Peter Farrand of Wagner Associates Public Affairs Consulting Inc. arranged the State Department session and also provided useful substantive comments on early drafts of the briefing. Shelley Kossak, the Vice President of the Population Resource Center, arranged to have the briefing presented to the Philadelphia World Affairs Council as well as to several congressional staff audiences. Any errors or omissions in this report are, of course, the sole responsibility of the author.