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Homeland security encompasses five distinct missions: domestic preparedness and civil support in case of attacks on civilians, continuity of government, continuity of military operations, border and coastal defense, and national missile defense. This report extensively details four of those mission areas (national missile defense having been covered in great detail elsewhere). The authors define homeland security and its mission areas, provide a methodology for assessing homeland security response options, and review relevant trend data for each mission area. They also assess the adequacy of the doctrine,organizations, training, leadership, materiel, and soldier systems and provide illustrative scenarios to help clarify Army planning priorities. The report concludes with options and recommendations for developing more cost-effective programs and recommends a planning framework that can facilitate planning to meet homeland security needs.

Table of Contents

  • Preface PDF

  • Figures PDF

  • Tables PDF

  • Summary PDF

  • Acknowledgements

    Acknowledgments PDF

  • Abbreviations PDF

  • Chapter One

    Introduction PDF

  • Chapter Two

    Understanding Homeland Security PDF

  • Chapter Three

    Analytic Framework PDF

  • Chapter Four

    Protecting Americans at Home: WMD Domestic Preparedness and Civil Support PDF

  • Chapter Five

    Ensuring Constitutional Authority: Continuity of Government PDF

  • Chapter Six

    Ensuring Military Capability: Continuity of Operations PDF

  • Chapter Seven

    Protecting Sovereignty: Border and Coastal Defense PDF

  • Chapter Eight

    Illustrative Planning Vignettes PDF

  • Chapter Nine

    Analysis of Army DOTLMS PDF

  • Chapter Ten

    Options, Recommendations, and Conclusions PDF

  • Appendix A

    Considering Threat Campaigns PDF

  • Appendix B

    A Notional WMD CST Trade-Off Analysis PDF

  • Appendix C

    Homeland Security DOD Directives PDF

  • Appendix D

    Overview of the Posse Comitatus Act PDF

  • Appendix E

    Threat Findings of the Nunn-Lugar-Domenici Act PDF

  • Appendix F

    State and Local Domestic Preparedness Needs PDF

  • Appendix G

    The Federal Response Plan and Terrorism Incident Annex PDF

  • Appendix H

    Army Domestic Preparedness Training Activities PDF

  • Chapter I

    Army Mission-Critical Facilities and Systems PDF

  • Appendix J

    Recommendations of the Defense Science Board PDF

  • Appendix K

    Recommendations of the President's Commission on Critical Infrastructure Protection PDF

  • Appendix L

    The Federal Program to Combat Terrorism and WMD PDF

  • Appendix M

    Notional GPRA Measures of Performance PDF

  • Bibliography PDF

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