Somalia Deployment Data

Appendix B
Interpretation of the AOCs or specialty mix for the Somalia deployment needs to be done with caution. A PROFIS individual may be assigned to fill a designated slot in a medical unit, but his or her MTF commander has a fair amount of leeway in terms of who actually will be deployed. The AOC where this is most likely to occur is the position of Field Surgeon (62B). There is no medical specialty in the peacetime structure that corresponds to this position. Rather, a 62B is a combat or field position, and a variety of different medical specialties may fill this slot. For example, in Table B.1 the Field Surgeon slot may represent an internist, a pediatrician, a general surgeon, or in rare instances, a resident.[1]

In addition, the AMEDD has recently revised some of its AOC codes, which has made interpretation of PROFIS taskings somewhat ambiguous (Table B.1). The problems concern the MSCs and PAs who were once warrant officers in the Medical Corps, but have now been reorganized as commissioned officers in the Medical Specialist Corps. In both cases, a mixture of the old and new AOC codes were named as requirements for PROFIS fillers.

The reorganization of the Medical Service Corps' AOCs from a three-character alphanumeric code to a five-character alphanumeric code presented the most challenging problem, for some of the old 68-series AOCs were changed to codes that were indistinguishable from the old 67-series AOCs. Use of the old AOC codes resulted in some confusing results, such as the deployment of Health Services Information Managers (old 67D) rather than Social Work Officers and Psychologists (new 67D). Similar concerns involved comptrollers and preventive medicine officers, field medical pharmacists, and personnel managers and optometrists. Whenever possible, we interpreted the AOCs according to the new codes, which has the potential of overrepresenting laboratory science, preventive medicine, behavioral science, pharmacy, and optometry officers, while underrepresenting taskings of health services administrators, comptrollers, information managers, patient administration, personnel, and plans and operations officers. This procedure seemed to be the most reliable, since the old 67-series Medical Services Corps positions, now recoded as 67A or 70*67,[2] are usually filled by officers actually assigned to these units, rather than by PROFIS fillers. The old 68-series positions, now coded as 67B, C, D, E, F, and G (among other more definitive codes), are usually filled by officers who spend most of their time working in hospitals and other medical activities, but might be designated as PROFIS fillers.

Table B.1 shows a comparison of the old and new AOCs for the Medical Service Corps. The new AOCs 67A through 67D are catch-all AOCs and include the group of definitive AOCs listed below each category. Assumptions we made in categorizing individuals under the old and new AOCs were as follows: Health Services System Management Officers (67D), computer support personnel, were deployed to support the telemedicine capability. Patient Administration Officers (old 67E) and Health Services Human Resource Managers (old 67F) are typically organic to a medical field unit, so it would be unusual to have PROFIS personnel assigned to these slots. Therefore, we assumed these codes represented the new AOCs of Pharmacy Officer (67E) and Optometrist (67F).

Table B.1
Revisions to the Medical Service Corps' Areas of Concentration (AOCs) Codes

Medical Functional Area (MFA) "Old" AOCs "New" AOCs
Health Services Officer (IM) N/A 67A00
  Health Care Administration 67A 70A67
  Health Services Admin Asst 67B 70B67
  Health Services Comptroller 67C/67G 70C67
  Health Svc Sys Mgt Officer 67D 70D67
  Patient Administration Officer 67E 70E67
  Health Svc Human Resources Mgr 67F 70F67
  Health Svc Plans, Intel & Training 67H 70H67
  Health Services Material Officer 67K 70K67
Aeromed Evacuation Officer 67J 67J00
Laboratory Sciences Officer (IM) 67B00
  Microbiologist 68A 71A67
  Biochemist 68C/68J 71B67
  Parasitologist 68D 71C67
  Immunologist 68E 71D67
  Clinical Laboratory Officer 68F 71E67
  Health Svc Research Psychologist 68T 71F67
Preventive Medicine Officer (IM) 67C00
  Nuclear Medicine Science Officer 68B 72A67
  Entomologist 68G 72B67
  Environmental Science Officer 68N 72D67
  Sanitary Engineer 68P 72E67
  Audiologist 68M 72C67
Behavioral Sciences Officer (IM) 67D00
  Social Work Officer 68R 73A67
  Clinical Psychologist 68S 73B67
Pharmacy Officer 68H 67E00
Optometrist 68K 67F00
Podiatrist 68L 67G00
Note: 60C Preventive Medicine Officer is a physician; 67C Preventive Medicine Officer is a nonphysician and includes audiologists, sanitary engineers, environmental science officers, entomologists, and nuclear medicine science (radiation protection) officers.

[1] The AMEDD tries not to touch GME for deployments. In Desert Storm/Shield they did have to tap residents, but this was an unusual instance.

[2] 70*67 refers to the following new AOC series: 70K67, 70A67, 70B67, 70C67, 70D67, 70E67, 70F67, 70H67.

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