The conduct of an exercise involving approximately 60 senior-level participants requires substantial planning and support. First, we are grateful to Dr. Howard Frank of DARPA for his enthusiastic support of this enterprise. His focus and intensity are infectious. We also received administrative support from Michael A. Papillo of Houston Associates, Inc.

Our preparations for this exercise required cooperation and support from a number of RAND staff members who actively participated in walk-throughs of revised scenarios, full-scale dry runs of the exercise, and critiquing sessions. RAND participants in the various activities leading up to, and including, the March 23 exercise included Steven Bankes, James Bonomo, Francis Fukuyama, Eugene Gritton, Richard Hundley, Richard Mesic, Roger Molander, Kevin O'Connell, John Schrader, and Peter Wilson.

We are deeply appreciative of the time and active participation given by the exercise attendees, listed in Appendix A. An additional measure of participation was given by the group leaders--Lawrence Druffel, David Farber, Barry Horton, Robert Kahn, and CAPT Richard O'Neill--who exercised needed leadership over groups of disparate, knowledgable and animated discussants.

Serena Bolton of RAND's Washington D.C. office provided administrative support and acted as a clearinghouse for all the activities, invitations, RSVPs, luncheon and conference room arrangements, and multiple drafts of scenarios required. As usual, Guido (Yogi) Ianiero of RAND's D.C. office provided excellent oversight and control over the local arrangements for the exercise.