List of Participants

Appendix A

A wide variety of representatives from industries, universities, government, and research institutions involved with the U.S. information infrastructure were invited to participate in the March 23 exercise. The resulting participant list is provided below. Names marked with "*" acted as group leaders for the exercise.

Larry DuboisDefense Advanced Research Projects Agency
Howard Frank Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
Ken Gabriel Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
Howard ShrobeDefense Advanced Research Projects Agency
Duane AndrewsDefense Science Board representative; Science Applications International Corporation
Roger CallahanDefense Science Board representative; Director, Information Systems Security, OASD(C3I)
Mary DunhamDefense Science Board representative; Special Assistant to DDS&T, CIA
* Barry HortonOffice of the Secretary of Defense/C3I
Richard LiebhaberMCI
Bruce McConnell Office of Management and Budget
Thomas McDermott National Security Agency
Shukri WakidNational Institute of Standards and Technology
Richard HundleyRAND observer/recorder
Randy Garrett Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
Tom Garvey Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
David GunningDefense Advanced Research Projects Agency
Thomas SwartzDefense Advanced Research Projects Agency
John GrimesDefense Science Board representative; Electrospace Systems Inc.
* CAPT Dick O'NeillDeputy Director, Information Warfare, OASD(C3I)
Colin Crook Citibank NA
John DavisNational Computer Security Center, National Security Agency
Mike PapilloHouston Associates, Inc.
Jerry WindSEI Center for Advanced Studies, University of Pennsylvania
Anthony HearnRAND observer/recorder
Bert Hui Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
Taylor LawrenceDefense Advanced Research Projects Agency
Larry LynnDefense Advanced Research Projects Agency
Dave WhelanDefense Advanced Research Projects Agency
CAPT William GravellDefense Science Board representative; Chief, Information Warfare Division, Joint Staff
CAPT David Henry Defense Science Board representative; Director of Information Warfare, National Security Agency
John LaneDefense Science Board representative; Information Delivery Group, NationsBank
Marjory Blumenthal Computer Science & Telecommunications Board
William GriffinGTE Labs
* Robert KahnCorporation for National Research Initiatives
Robert MeushawNational Security Agency
Ruth DavidDeputy Director, Science and Technology, Central Intelligence Agency
David TennenhouseMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Eugene GrittonRAND observer/recorder
Gary KoobDefense Advanced Research Projects Agency
Teresa LuntDefense Advanced Research Projects Agency
Gary MindenDefense Advanced Research Projects Agency
Duane AdamsDefense Advanced Research Projects Agency
Donald LathamDefense Science Board representative; Loral Corporation
Alan McLaughlinDefense Science Board representative; Lincoln Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Jerry TuttleDefense Science Board representative; Oracle Corporation
Gene Cacciamani Hughes Network Systems
* David Farber University of Pennsylvania
Joseph MoorconesNational Security Agency
Larry Smarr National Center for Supercomputing Applications, University of Illinois
George SpixMicrosoft Corporation
Robert AndersonRAND observer/recorder
Robert ParkerDefense Advanced Research Projects Agency
Rob Rosenthal Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
David Signori Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
ADM Harry Train (Ret) Defense Science Board representative; Science Applications International Corporation
Wushou Chou U.S. Treasury Department
Brent Greene Office of Emergency Preparedness Policy
Lionel S. JohnsOffice of Science and Technology Policy
* Larry DruffelSoftware Engineering Institute
Amar GuptaMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Larry Landweber Internet Society
Robert PepperFederal Communications Commission
Richard Schaffer National Security Agency
Roger MolanderRAND observer/recorder

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