Books About RAND

For decades, the RAND Corporation has collaborated with scholars interested in documenting our institution, its work, and the broad variety of research areas in which we have been engaged. The following are a selection of commercial books written about the RAND Corporation.

Rationalizing Capitalist Democracy: The Cold War Origins of Rational Choice Liberalism — 2003

S.M. Amadae, University of Chicago Press

Response to Amadae book: A Snipe Hunt — 2004

Robert D. Tollison, Policy Choice

Cold War Laboratory: RAND, the Air Force, and the American State — 2002

Martin J. Collins, Smithsonian Institution Press

The Cold War, RAND, and the Generation of Knowledge, 1946–1962 — 1997

David Hounshell, Historical Studies in the Physical and Biological Sciences, 27(2): 237-267

Systems, Experts, and Computers: The Systems Approach in Management and Engineering After World War II — 2000

Thomas and Agatha Hughes, eds., Dibner Institute Studies in the History of Science and Technology, The MIT Press

The Wizards of Armageddon — 1991

Fred Kaplan, Stanford University Press

From Warfare to Welfare: Defense Intellectuals and Urban Problems in Cold War America — 2003

Jennifer S. Light, Johns Hopkins University Press

The Four Pillars of High Performance: How Robust Organizations Achieve Extraordinary Results — 2005

Paul C. Light, McGraw-Hill

Ideas in Action: 60 Years of RAND — 2005

Richard Robbins, director

The Rand Corporation: Case Study of a Nonprofit Advisory Corporation — 1966

Bruce L. R. Smith, Harvard University Press

History & Strategy — 1991

Marc Trachtenberg, Princeton University Press

Other Resources

How RAND Invented the Postwar World — 2004

Virginia Campbell, American Heritage Invention & Technology, Summer 2004

Oral history project conducted within the Department of Space History, National Air and Space Museum — 1997

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