RAND Review: Demography, Aging, Afghanistan

In This Issue (Volume 35, Number 3: Winter 2011-2012)

RAND Review: Winter 2011

Newborns begin to stir at a women's hospital in Allahabad in India's most populous state of Uttar Pradesh on October 22, 2011.

Cover Story

Our cover story compares the demographic futures and related economic prospects facing China, India, and the United States. A sidebar focuses on Europe. An infographic and interactive maps illustrate the demographic futures of nations and regions worldwide.

Dusk, Dawn, and High Noon: Demographic Trends Forecast Next Phases for China, India, and the United States

  • By Martin C. Libicki and Julie DaVanzo

In the decades ahead, China and India will have the most to gain or to lose, and the United States will continue to have the most to protect and to defend.

Midnight in Munich: All European Union Countries Face Declining and Aging Populations

Recent snapshots of fertility indicators across Europe look less depressing than they did a decade ago. Still, the fertility rate remains below the replacement rate in all 27 EU countries.

Window on the World

Life Spans of Today's Humans Will Transform the Nations

Window on the World

An infographic of the world in 2030 shows how different it will be from that of today.

Online Exclusive

How Demographic Trends Will Change the World Through 2050


An interactive graphic shows four major global trends through 2050: the shifts in working-age populations, the rise of the oldest old, elderly dependency ratios, and youth dependency ratios.


Three Pots of Tea

Three Pots of Tea: Peace in Afghanistan Depends on Its Leaders, Neighbors, and Security Forces

There are three key ingredients for peace in Afghanistan. Afghan leaders must negotiate a peace. Afghan neighbors must respect the peace. And Afghan soldiers and police must keep the peace.

Prisoner Reentry

Prisoner Reentry: As California Releases Prisoners, It Must Confront the Public Health Consequences

The confluence of three events has broadened the public health implications of prisoner reentry into California communities: the recession, state realignment, and federal health care reform.



A Bitter Pill: Soaring Health Care Spending and the American Family

In just ten years, U.S. families nearly doubled their spending on health care, but the complex ways in which Americans paid for health care obscured how this happened.

Publisher's Page

Michael D. Rich

Passionate, Pragmatic, Prudent

New RAND President Michael D. Rich explains why he feels so passionate about his job.

Message from the Editor

John Godges

2030 Is Now

The world has been reborn in ways that are only starting to become recognized.



A Forum for RAND Guest Voices

Heraldo Munoz

Breaking the Cycle: How Latin America Can Overcome Its Intergenerational Inequality

UN Assistant Secretary General Heraldo Muñoz says the conventional view of tackling inequality is “incomplete” for Latin America.

William Foege

Heart and Soul: For Global Health, Prescriptions of Medicine and Morality

World-renowned epidemiologist William Foege points out the good news in global health and shares some personal lessons from his work.