How Demographic Trends Will Change the World Through 2050

These interactive maps show four major global trends through 2050: the shifts in working-age populations, the rise of the oldest old, elderly dependency ratios, and youth dependency ratios.

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  • The Fall and Rise of Working-Age Populations
  • The Booming of the Oldest Old
  • European Workers to Be Outnumbered by Elders
  • African Workers Outnumbered by Youths, for Now

  • Below -10%
  • -10% to 0%
  • 0% to 10%
  • 10% to 30%
  • 30% to 60%
  • Greater than 60%

To view country or regional data trends, click on the plus, minus, and arrow signs for the selected countries and regions. Regional totals include areas beyond their listed countries. Country names appear alphabetized by first letter only.

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SOURCES: United Nations Population Division, World Population Prospects, the 2010 Revision, medium variant; Global Demographic Change and Its Implications for Military Power, Martin C. Libicki, Howard J. Shatz, Julie E. Taylor, RAND/MG-1091-AF, 2011, 170 pp., ISBN 978-0-8330-5177-6

Demographic research and analysis by Clifford A. Grammich; interactive design by Chara Williams and Joel Kline