RAND Review: Tolerance in the Middle East, Defense Spending, Teacher Evaluation

In This Issue (Volume 36, Number 3: Winter 2012–2013)

RAND Review: Winter 2012-2013

Lebanese schoolgirls behold the books at an Arabic-language festival in Beirut. As part of the festival, entitled "We Are Our Language," the girls wear letters of the Arabic alphabet on their clothes.

Cover Story

Cultural Oasis: For Arab Children, Collected Works Offer Roads to Tolerance, Critical Thinking

Our cover story discusses the promotion of tolerance and critical thinking in the Arab world through books and other media targeted toward children — who outnumber adults in the Arab world, are more likely than their parents to be literate, and are more likely to be accepting of new ideas.


Defense in an Age of Austerity

NATO Forces Approach Financial Day of Reckoning

  • By F. Stephen Larrabee

At a time when the United States is expecting its European allies to shoulder more of the burden of defending Europe and its interests, all members of NATO must learn to do more with less. Read More »

U.S. Forces Face Strategic Trade-Offs


In the face of economic uncertainties and growing pressures to reduce defense spending, the United States must choose among alternative force postures, each of which has advantages and drawbacks. Read More »

U.S. Defense Department Needs to Set Priorities, Weigh Risks

  • By Stuart E. Johnson
  • and Irv Blickstein
Leon Panetta

The authors describe three ways to substantially reduce the U.S. defense budget — each of which will take the United States in a different strategic direction. Read More »

Fair Assessments: Distinctive Teacher Evaluation Programs Could Provide Lessons for Others


Judging teachers' performance by that of their students is fraught with the potential for error and unintended consequences, but several states and districts have been striving to incorporate student performance data in ways that are accurate and fair.

Common Ground

In Wake of Presidential Election, RAND Helps Set Politics Aside

Hollywood and Policy

Here are quotes and images from RAND's November 2012 Politics Aside weekend, which brought together leaders in government policy, business, and philanthropy to discuss challenges and solutions in an objective, nonpartisan environment.

At "Ground Zero" Since 1950: National Science Foundation Strives to Sustain U.S. Leadership Role

Subra Suresh

Subra Suresh, director of the National Science Foundation (NSF), spoke at RAND about NSF's role in ensuring that the United States remains a global leader in research and innovation.

Other Visiting Voices at RAND

Philip Taubman

See quotes from other prominent figures who have visited RAND: Daniel Ayalon, Israel's deputy minister of foreign affairs, on geopolitical trends; Philip Taubman, on his book, The Partnership: Five Cold Warriors and Their Quest to Ban the Bomb; and Ambassador William Brownfield, assistant secretary for the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs, U.S. Department of State, on the war on drugs.

Public Square

  • Securing Syrian forces
  • Safeguarding U.S. embassies
  • Managing coastal processes
  • Promoting Chinese labor
  • Employing older workers
  • Routine shopping dangers
  • Teen smoking hazards
  • North Korean gulags
  • Conflicted Myanmar
  • Healthy Western Europe
  • Sober South Dakota
  • Forward-looking Harold Brown
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Publisher's Page

Michael D. Rich

RAND Extends Global Reach of Innovation

RAND's president and CEO discusses how the organization is helping foster technological innovation in China, Europe, and the Middle East.

Message from the Editor

John Godges

Roadmaps for Rough Terrains

The feature stories in this issue each offer roadmaps for resolving policy problems that have been matters of intense debate in recent months.