RAND Review: Immigration Reform, European Austerity, and Health Care Reform

In This Issue (Volume 37, Number 2: Fall 2013)

RAND Review: Fall 2013

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Outside the town of Unión Hidalgo in Oaxaca, southern Mexico, migrants clamber atop a freight train bound for the U.S.-Mexican border on April 29, 2013.

Cover Story

Heavy Lift: Truly Comprehensive Immigration Reform Would Span the Migrant Labor Lifecycle

A binational effort at labor reform — including the establishment of a binational immigration agency and the passage of a bilateral social security agreement — would benefit both the United States and Mexico.

Viewing Gallery: Recent RAND Findings on Display

Serving Time or Wasting Time?

Serving Time or Wasting Time?

Correctional education programs improve job prospects, reduce recidivism, and save taxpayer dollars.

Public Square

A Meeting Place for RAND Voices

  • Preventing suicide
  • Anticipating biological weapons
  • Living among "suffix trees"
  • Smackdown for Snowden
  • Support for privacy
  • Alternatives to drones
  • Springtime for Kurdistan
  • Autumn for Libya
  • Winter for Somalia
  • Kickbacks for China
  • Woes for Syria

Publisher's Page

Michael D. Rich

To Eliminate the "Readiness Gap," Preschool Is Just the Beginning

RAND's president and CEO recommends expanded access to preschool, written materials in the home, and technology as ways to close the "readiness gap" that separates children who have access to early education resources from those who do not.

Message from the Editor

John Godges

Riding the Rails

The experience of Mexican immigrants coming to the United States today mirrors that of many who made the journey before them.