RAND Review: Summer 2001

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Ida Grigson, a builder constructionman from Naval Mobile Construction Battalion One, of Gulfport, Miss., paints a rebuilt bridge during Exercise Tandem Thrust in Queensland, Australia, on May 6, 2001. Tandem Thrust is a biennial exercise of air, land, maritime, amphibious, and special operations forces from the United States, Australia, and Canada. More than 18,000 personnel participated this year. The majority of U.S. forces involved were from Marine Corps units based in Hawaii and Japan. Sponsored by the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff and the U.S. Pacific Command, the month-long exercise focuses on the planning of combined operations and the interoperability of multinational forces. The exercise also demonstrates U.S. resolve to support the security and humanitarian interests of friends and allies in the Pacific region.


Summer 2001 Contents

Message from the Editor


    Invisible women make themselves heard Task force on Russia finds reasons for hope Population of Russia shows signs of despair Antidrug policy in Colombia misses the point

Full Disclosure

Time for the naked truth about health care

By Elizabeth A. McGlynn and Robert H. Brook

Cover Story


A Reorganized Military for a New Global Role

Power to the Cities

A homegrown way to recharge California

By Mark Bernstein, Paul Dreyer, Mark Hanson, and Jonathan Kulick

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