RAND Review: Summer 2002

Hitting Home: What We've Learned
Since 9/11 and What We Should Do About It

We're Here for the Duration
By James A. Thomson

30 Years and Counting
By Brian Michael Jenkins


Make World Health the New Marshall Plan
By Robert E. Hunter, C. Ross Anthony, and Nicole Lurie

The Role of Social and Economic Development
By Kim Cragin and Peter Chalk

Treat Europe as a Full Partner, and It Will Be
By David C. Gompert

Beware of Cracks in the Coalition
By Jerrold D. Green

Anti-American Violence: An Agenda for Honest Thinking
By C. Richard Neu

Control Biological Weapons, but Defend Biotechnology
By John Parachini


Global Implications for the U.S. Air Force
By Edward R. Harshberger

A Future of Sustained Ground Operations
By Bruce R. Nardulli

Hard-Shelled, SOF-Centered: The Synergy of Might and Mind
By Gordon T. Lee

Four Lessons from Five Countries
By Bruce Hoffman and Kim Cragin


U.S. Air Force Roles Reach Beyond Securing the Skies
By Eric V. Larson

U.S. Army Finds Its Role at Home Up for Grabs
By Richard Brennan

Beyond Sharing Intelligence, We Must Generate Knowledge
By Jeffrey A. Isaacson and Kevin M. O'Connell

Protecting Critical Infrastructure
By Bruce Don and David Mussington

Airport Security from the Bottom Up
By Gerald Kauvar, Bernard Rostker, and Russell Shaver

Bioterrorism: From Panic to Preparedness
By Kenneth I. Shine

Replace the Weak Links in the Food Chain
By Peter Chalk

Cleanse the Polluted Urban Seas
By Russell W. Glenn

Racial Profiling: Lessons from the Drug War
By K. Jack Riley

Compensation Policies for Victims of Terrorism
By Lloyd S. Dixon and Rachel Kaganoff Stern


Enlist the States in Protecting the Nation
By K. Jack Riley

Give Emergency Workers Better Tools, Training, Organization
By D. J. Peterson

Protecting Occupants of High-Rise Buildings
By Rae W. Archibald, Jamison Jo Medby, Brian Rosen, and Jonathan Schachter

Defending Our Local Communities
By Tim Bonds

The Rising Priority of Local Public Health
By Lois M. Davis and Janice C. Blanchard

Helping Each Other Cope
By Mark A. Schuster and Bradley D. Stein

The Path of Greatest Resilience
By Terri Tanielian, Harold Pincus, Bradley Stein, and Audrey Burnam


On the Cover

Global Priorities: Women wait to be received at a medical clinic in Kandahar, Afghanistan, on April 23.

Overseas Deployments: Light armored vehicles from the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit head east toward Kandahar on Dec. 9, 2001.

Homeland Security: Dairy cows amble through a pasture in Nash County, N.C., on July 12.

State and Local Initiatives: SWAT team members join a Merced County Sheriff's Department training exercise that included a mock terrorist takeover of a 737 airplane at Castle Airport in Atwater, Calif., on Feb. 15.


Message from the Editor

Letter to the Editor


Saving Grace: A Timely Warning from Easter Island

Profits and Prejudice: Why We Regulate Some Drugs but Not Others


Affordable, High-Quality Child Care? Check Out the Military
By Gail L. Zellman and Susan M. Gates


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