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There are now about 100 million Internet hosts around the world, a number that has nearly doubled almost every year since 1982, according to the Internet Software Consortium, a nonprofit organization based in Redwood City, Calif. RAND researchers estimate that about half of all Internet users today reside in either the United States or Canada. High-speed Internet connections exist almost exclusively between the United States and Europe and between the United States and Asia. There are very few high-speed links to or among developing countries.


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    Information up against the Great Wall Portrait of a brain on drugs Popular culture as a terrorist threat?

Tranquilizing Effect

To prevent youth violence, try a dose of stability, a shot of self-esteem, or some good pediatric advice

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Transcendental Destination

Where will the information revolution lead?

Competitive Jolt

For electricity deregulation to work, surge capacity is just the beginning

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