RAND Review: Fall 2002

Cover illustration by Tanya Maiboroda

Fall 2002 Contents

Message from the Editor


Civil service reforms to enhance homeland security
Secondhand smoke to endanger home security
Asbestos payments for unimpaired claimants
Rethinking a marijuana theory
Contesting emergency room charges at HMOs


Air Wars
The battle for Arabic television and radio audiences

Battle Wombs
Why some drug babies are more equal than others

Driven into a Corner
To clean the air, California can steer old cars and
new cars in better directions

By Lloyd Dixon, Steven Garber, and Isaac Porche


Conflicting Benefits
Trade-offs in welfare reform
By Jeffrey Grogger, Lynn A. Karoly, and
Jacob Alex Klerman

Poor Connections
Trouble on the Internet frontiers

Don't make after-school care the next big myth
By Megan Beckett

John Godges

Assistant Editor
Christina Pitcher

News Editor
Brett Grodeck

Editorial Editor
Paul Steinberg

Miriam Polon
Kelly Schwartz

Art Director
Ronald Miller

Eileen Delson La Russo

Production Editor
Denise Constantine

Christine Troncoso

Web Producer
Amy Clark

Editorial Board
Dominic Brewer
Paul Davis
David Egner
Jerrold Green
Bruce Hoffman
James Hosek
James Kahan
Iao Katagiri
Kevin McCarthy
Elizabeth McGlynn
C. Richard Neu
K. Jack Riley
Shirley Ruhe
Mary Vaiana

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