RAND Review: Fall 1999

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Capsules of Norvir, one of the first three protease inhibitors approved for treatment of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), roll off the manufacturing line at Abbot Laboratories in Chicago, Ill., in February 1996. Protease inhibitors are members of the new class of antiretroviral medications that have made HIV infection a highly treatable disease for those receiving appropriate care.


Fall 1999 Contents

Message from the Editor


    Patients' rights, faint lights Healthy egg, wealthy chicken Insurance for children Care for chronic illnesses Higher mandates for business and industry Culture for America Fading futures for Russia, North Korea, Indonesia

Crowding Out

Small classes teach a lesson in unintended consequences

Cover Story
Privileged Treatment

Inequities in HIV care demand remedies for U.S. health care
by Martin Shapiro and
Samuel Bozzette

Chronic Condition

Quality deficiencies pervade U.S. health care system

Math over Myth

Is drug prevention worth the price?

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