RAND Review: Winter 1999-2000

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Ramakrishna Mission staff trainees install a solar photovoltaic module in an isolated village of Gosaba in the Sundarbans region of West Bengal, India. The solar modules will bring light to 300 homes here as well as to health centers, youth clubs, and other village institutions. The work is supported by the Indo-U.S. Renewable Energy Project, a collaboration of Indian governmental agencies and the U.S. Department of Energy. India could be an ideal location for expanded use of renewable energy technologies, given its plentiful renewable energy resources, its limited capacity to generate electricity, the suitability of small renewable energy systems to the needs of remote villages, and the desire of Indian companies and agencies to work with U.S. organizations.


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    Drugs and Gulf War syndrome Judges
    and class action syndrome Wiring the government Educating blacks and
    Latinos Grading vocational education

Sweet and Sour

Recipe for a new China policy

Cover Story

May Cooler Tempers Prevail

Let technology reduce hot air over global warming

Troop Formations

Military personnel reforms contain elements of surprise

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